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Being a member of the Buffalo Model Boat Club gives you the opportunity to meet other modelers who can help you get involved in the hobby and to share in the group activities available to the active model boat builder. Our group activities are many. In the summer there are International Sail Regattas that permit us to compete with modelers from all over the U.S. and Canada. These regattas are sometimes held at special locations such as theme parks or yacht clubs. Other activities include scale regattas, fast electric races, and shows for worthy causes. Then there are always the regular weekly activities at our pond in Amherst NY, Muir Lake. destroyer


The building of a model can be approached in either of two ways. The purchase of a kit is the most basic. Most kits will include all the necessary parts, material and instructions on how to proceed to assemble and finish your model. The more complex way is to purchase a set of plans and obtain the building materials yourself. This requires some knowledge of what is required in the construction of a model boat. This approach can be very challenging, rewarding and very time consuming. It makes sense to tread slowly and gain some experience by first starting with a kit. These kits are available at most hobby shops.